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enjoy China’s boundless regional variations in our contemporary st kilda dining room. choose noodles from northern Han Xi’an, delight in the peppery, pungent spices that dominate the Szechuan province or opt for lighter dishes and flavours from Canton to share with your table. we also offer xiao chi (bits n’ pieces) at all hours across the bar.

dim sum dumplings

(4 pieces)

retro prawn $9.9
ginger prawn $10.9
chive and prawn $10.9
scallop and prawn $13.9
crab and prawn $10.9
chilli crystal prawn $9.9
hot and sour pork and prawn $9.9
pork & prawn sui mia $9.9
chicken and chicken $8.9
chilli chicken $8.9
juicy pork $8.9
duck in sweet chilli sauce $9.9
vegetarian $8.9
mixed platter

muck around

6 inch, 5 spice
duck spring rolls

(2 pcs)
mini vegetarian spring rolls
(6 pcs)
Beijing ‘red hand’
chilli prawn wontons (6 pcs)
salt and pepper calamari $16.9
DIY san choi bao
your choice of chicken, pork,
seafood or vegetarian (2 pcs)
garlic and chilli fried chicken ribs $15.9
‘quack quack’
spicy duck salad
Beijing duck pancake
with cucumber and
spring onion (6 pcs)
crispy skin pork belly
(limited availability)
pan fried Shanghai
pork dumplings

(6 pcs)
Xinjiang cumin lamb pockets
(4 pcs)
crispy coated
Mandarin beef
mini numb wagyu
bao ‘burgers’

(4 pcs)
Silk Road scallion pancake $7.9
Szechuanese hot + sour
chicken soup
Hong Kong’s prawn
wonton soup
crab meat and
sweet corn soup

on the side

dan dan noodle (wet or dry)
szechuan hawker style
spicy chicken noodle
mahjong fried rice
with prawn and pork
Singapore noodles
with prawn and pork
soy king noodle
stir fried egg noodle
with the king of soy sauce
steamed Chinese broccoli
with oyster sauce
stir fried Asian greens
with oyster sauce
stir fried baby spinach
with bean curd paste
steamed rice $4.9

serious stuff

Cantonese roast duck
with crispy skin
crispy skin chicken
free-range boneless chicken
pieces with flavours of five
spice and sea salt, served with
ginger oil to pour over
kung fu chicken
stir fried chicken pieces
with dry chilli, sweet soy
and peanuts
Tibetan crispy crumbed chicken
free-range chicken breast
pieces, stir fried with cumin,
capsicum and Chinese herbs
Szechuan grandma tofu
chicken mince and tofu
in a spicy black bean sauce
return wok pork belly
Chongqing style pork belly
pieces, stir fried with garlic,
green pepper and
special chilli sauce
‘sweating’ chilli beef
stir fried beef with pickle
chilli, dry chilli, heaven chilli,
chilli, ginger and garlic
fire water beef (or white fish)
a spicy Szechuan classic
cooked in stock
eye fillet
premium beef sourced
from Victoria high country,
pan fried with Guangzhou
honey pepper sauce
and asian greens
market fish fillet of the day
steamed Cantonese style
with ginger, shallots and
light soy or grilled with spicy,
sweet soy and herb flavours
Singaporean chilli prawns
South Australian king prawns
stir fried with sriracha sauce
and rice noodles
Cantonese ginger-mint prawns
South Australian king prawns
stir fried Cantonese style
with crushed ginger and mint.
served with Chinese broccoli
combination clay pot
Hong Kong hawker style;
chicken, king prawns,
calamari, pork, beef, tofu,
ginger and spring onion

‘bring it on!’

can’t make up your mind?
enjoy our daily chef’s selection
of the best mahjong dishes.
$59 per person, minimum of two.

vintage sweets

banana fritter
with ice cream
mini deep fried ice cream $9.9
steamed custard buns $8.9
sticky coconut rice
with fresh fruit

updated November 2017